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The Accredited Paralegal Status is a voluntary accreditation for paralegals working in Scotland. It aims to provide a defined professional status and a career path for paralegals.  It increases awareness of the role of the paralegal in Scotland and sets a consistent standard for paralegals to attain.


  • Career enhancement – you can be identified as an accredited paralegal with significant expertise in your area of law and provide confidence you meet the law society’s standards for an accredited paralegal
  • Career development –  the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge by undertaking continuing professional development (CPD)at lower paralegal rates
  • Access to the confidential professional practice helpline
  • Access to the Lawscot Wellbeing portal
  • Fortnightly updates via Lawscot news email – dedicated to paralegals
  • Membership of the Scottish Paralegal Association, an organisation serving the interests of paralegals
  • A free subscription to the Journal magazine
  • Access to lifestyle benefits

The accredited paralegal status is open to anyone working as a paralegal under the supervision of a Scottish solicitor, either in private practice or in-house.  We have a mix of accredited paralegals and trainee accredited paralegals.

To be eligible to join you must have a minimum of two year’s experience as a paralegal working under a supervising solicitor and within a specific practice area. You must be able to evidence that you have been continuously working and that you are proficient in all of the competency areas for your chosen practice area.  During each practice year you must complete at least 10 hours of continuing professional development (CPD).

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