Registers of Scotland News

7th Aug 2015

We have been approached by Registers of Scotland to help them reduce the number of applications being rejected.  Paralegals are hugely influential in the smooth running of conveyancing transactions, therefore, it is in our own interest to work closely with them.

They have offered to provide digital content in the form of webinars or other format and we are discussing ways in which we can offer these to you.  At present they are looking for suggestions on how to improve their checklist relating to applications for registration.  Do you use it or do you use your own?  Can you let us know what you or any of your colleagues think of it?   Please email us at

As we develop our relationship with Registers of Scotland, it may be beneficial to set up small working groups to be involved in particular projects and we would appreciate your help if required.  We would endeavour to conduct the majority of business by email, however, occasional meetings may be required.  If you would like to be involved then please let us know.

If there is anything other than the checklist that you feel could be improved then please tell us.