Results from the Conference Questionnaire

17th Nov 2011

Thank you all for completing the questionnaire. We are sure you will
find the results of interest.

We are keen to ensure that your Association delivers the most for the
membership at the annual conference. We now hold the AGM on a separate
day. This allows more time to update you on all the developments of that
year, deliver quality CPD, provide an opportunity to network and meet
the committee. We wanted to know what else you might want from the
conference and whether we can make any changes to improve it. The
attached pdf file provides a breakdown of the responses together with
your comments for improvement or change.

Not unexpectedly, CPD is high on your list of priorities. We appreciate
that attaining the minimum required 10 hours can be a challenge for some
members and we will continue to provide informative talks that are
relevant to all our membership. There is a demand for CPD specific to
certain areas of law. We will endeavour to provide that, whether at the
conference, or at tailored CPD events throughout the year. We also note
your comments with regard to the venue and speakers which are helpful in
ensuring we meet a high standard.

We were surprised that 77% of respondents stated they would be able to
attend on a weekday. Should this be interpreted as more support and
recognition from our employers? We certainly hope so. A good number
also confirmed that they would be prepared to pay a fee at future
conferences. Should we introduce a fee at a later date this could be
used to offer more CPD topics and workshops to meet the diversity of our
membership needs. We can confirm however that no changes are proposed
for the 2012 conference as it will be held on Saturday 21 April, include
a buffet, guest speakers and CPD, again all free of charge.

We would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the
questionnaire. If there is anything you would like to add or discuss,
please do not hesitate to contact a committee member. Your views are
important to us.

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