The Scottish Paralegal Association

Code of Conduct

Persons enrolling as Members of The Scottish Paralegal Association become bound by its Constitution. They must:-

(i) support the aims and objectives of the Association

(ii) uphold the standards of professional practice prescribed in the Code of Conduct.

The Constitution provides for a Disciplinary Tribunal to be established which has power to consider and determine any complaint that a Member is guilty of conduct unbefitting to a Member of the Association.

The Tribunal may decide that such a person may be excluded or suspended from membership.

The Code of Conduct

1. A Member in his professional life and employment shall so conduct himself and the matters of which he has conduct in such a manner as to:-

(i) avoid any action or situation which may bring disrepute upon the Association or its Members;

(ii) avoid doubt being cast upon his own professional integrity;

(iii) assist the impartial administration of justice;

(iv) recognise that the interests of the client are paramount to those of all others;

and shall observe and be bound by this Code of Conduct.

2. A Member shall not:-

(i) misuse the trust reposed in him nor reveal confidential information other than to those entitled to receive it;

(ii) for the personal gain of himself or his family take advantage of information gained in the course of his conduct on any matter;

(iii) hold himself our as a Paralegal unless that Member is in good standing as a fully paid up Member entered in the Register of Members of the Association held by the Law Society of Scotland.

(iv) discriminate against any person nor treat any person less favourably because of their ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political persuasion than he would treat others.