The Scottish Paralegal Association


21 Sep


We have had discussions with the Law Society on the procedures to be followed when this is rolled out shortly and the effect it will have on Paralegals working in the conveyancing field.

It is our understanding that each Firm will have a designated Partner who will bear sole responsibility for the smart cards being issued in that Firm. There will be different levels of responsibility authorised for each card and not everyone will be given full access to the systems. Paralegals should discuss the level they will be authorised to work at with their Partner.

We understand that Missives and Letters of Obligation will continue to be dealt with in the “old fashioned” way of being signed in ink and not electronically.

It is very important to note that Paralegals should not accept a smart card bearing another person’s signature to complete a transaction. Should your boss be unavailable for any reason and give you his card to complete a transaction you should refuse as this is considered a fraudulent action and would leave everyone concerned open to criminal charges.

The Law Society will be issuing Guidance Notes prior to ARTL becoming live and all Paralegals should ensure they are copied in on them for their own information.

Should you have any issues arising from the implementation of ARTL systems in your Firm please don’t hesitate to contact us.