About the Scottish Paralegal Association

About Us

The Scottish Paralegal Association (SPA) was formed in 1993 to promote the interests of paralegals in Scotland. We are a voluntary not for profit association with an elected committee bound by a constitution.

The SPA is the only association recognised by the Law Society of Scotland as the body representing the interests and promoting the development of Paralegals in Scotland. The SPA holds amongst its membership paralegals who operate in a wide variety of roles within the legal profession assisting solicitors in many different areas of law. The SPA acts in the best interests of the members by promoting and representing their collective opinions and views. We have in place a firmly established membership criteria and code of conduct. All of which, when combined with a requirement of continued professional development (CPD), provides confidence in members of the SPA and their ability to deliver legal services in a competent and professional manner.

We also provide a "Situations Vacant" service through our website and in addition to advertising by recruitment agencies, we accept adverts from law firms.

Details of a variety of update courses, faculty seminars and CPD events are included on our site together with education providers of legal courses to suit all needs. We also offer the opportunity to join satellite groups in local areas to enjoy social contact with fellow paralegals.

Given the increasing use of paralegals in both the public and private sectors we believe that it is in the best interests of paralegals, employers, clients and the public as a whole that persons employed as paralegals ought to meet certain criteria and be able to demonstrate ability in their field. Membership of the Scottish Paralegal Association helps prove this ability and provides comfort to clients and employers alike. We have developed an excellent relationship with the Law Society of Scotland over the years. Through our many discussions and work with them, the SPA is extremely proud to be partners in the development and introduction of the Law Society of Scotland Registered Paralegal scheme. One of our objectives is to increase our reach to all paralegals in Scotland. We would encourage you to circulate information about the SPA to any colleague or employee who may wish to join or has an interest in our association.

For more information please contact our President; Jacqueline Burns jacqueline.burns@mailers.co.uk.

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