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Mental Health Awareness Week May 14-20

16 May

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How are you, really?

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place 14-20 May this year in the UK and this year focuses on stress.

At LawCare we know that life in the law can be challenging and sometimes things can get on top of you.
We also know that people often don’t notice the signs of stress, some of which are:

  • Sleep deprivation: This is a vicious circle: worries about work lead to lack of sleep, which makes it difficult to perform well at work
  • Physical changes: Headaches, skin complaints, frequent colds, aching muscles and digestive problems
  • Drinking and smoking: Many turn to drinking and smoking to cope with the demands of work
  • Eating:  Comfort eating or skipping meals
  • Mood swings: People can become irritated and frustrated, get very angry one minute and feel fine the next. They can be short-tempered or difficult
  • Panic attacks: These can happen suddenly, for no clear reason. It can mean feeling sick, short of breath, shaking, sweating and experiencing a sense of unreality

Chronic stress increases the risk of addictive and damaging behaviour, of developing anxiety, depression and other mental and physical health problems. If you are feeling stressed and want to talk give us a call today.

We’ve been supporting all branches of the legal profession for 20 years: solicitors, barristers, barrister’s clerks, judges, legal executives, paralegals, trademark attorneys, patent agents, costs lawyers, and their staff and families. Our confidential helpline is answered by trained staff and volunteers who have first-hand experience of working in the law. We offer a safe place to talk without judgment.

Last year we responded to nearly 900 calls, with half of those calling citing stress and depression as the reason for calling. 

As well our helpline, we offer one-to-one peer support. If needed we can match you with one of our dedicated team of over 100 supporters who will help you work through your problems over a period of weeks or months.

Call our helpline on 0800 279 6888, 365 days a year. We’re open 9 am – 7.30pm weekdays and 10 am – 4 pm weekends and Bank Holidays.

Useful Resources (PDFs) 

Ten tips for looking after yourself

How are you really?

Additional information, resources and factsheets are available at