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New domain to be added to the Registered Paralegal scheme

02 Nov

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The Law Society of Scotland are presently working on the development of Company Secretarial domain.

In recent months, the Law Society of Scotland has been working with a group of paralegals to create a Company Secretarial Domain within the Registered Paralegal Scheme. The Society is currently seeking views from those who may wish to join, or who have an interest   in the Company Secretarial domain on its proposed content.

The nature of the Registered Paralegal Scheme is that those wishing to join must meet all of the criteria set out in the domain. Moreover, given the route of a Trainee Registered Paralegal, the content of the domain has to be achievable by someone with a qualification and one of year training.

Rob Marrs, Senior Policy and Development Manager (Education and Training Policy), Law Society of Scotland has circulated the proposed content of the domain to training providers in the paralegal market but if any solicitors or paralegals are interested in this please drop Rob a line on and he will forward you the details of the domain along with a briefing paper.

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